Job Market Paper:

Does the Internet Improve Healthcare Behaviors and Health Outcomes? Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey (with Jeffrey Macher and John Mayo). 

Working papers: 

Royalty Stacking in the U.S. Freight Railroads: Cournot vs Coase (with Alexei Alexandrov and Russell Pittman)

Demand in a Portfolio-Choice Environment: the Evolution of Telecommunications (with Jeffrey Macher, John Mayo, and Glenn Woroch)

International Price Comparisons of Fixed Broadband Services: A Hedonic Analysis (with Carol Corrado). Working Paper.

Universal Service: Now It's Getting Personal (with Jeffrey Macher, John Mayo, and Glenn Woroch). Under Review.

Universal Service in a Wireless World. Working Paper.

International Telecommunications Demand (with John Mayo). 2016. Information Economics and Policy, forthcoming.